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Cake Menu

Prices, selections, and availability subject to change.
Ask about custom designed birthday and wedding cakes. 

Serving sizes
             6"  6-8 slices                    10"   12-16 slices                    1/2 sheet 40-48 slices
             8"  8-10 slices                 12"   16-22 slices                    full sheet 88-96 slices

Hazelnut Praline
  Three rich chocolate layers filled with praline buttercream and covered with chocolate buttercream.

Almond Cake
  Yellow cake flavored with almond on each layer of cake. Covered with butter cream and decorated with roses of any color.
Fruit Bavarian
 French vanilla genoise brushed with flavored syrup then filled with a hint of marmalade, vanilla crème pâtissière, and fruit. Covered with whipped cream and decorated with assorted fruits.

German Chocolate 
 Chocolate layers flavored with rum syrup then filled with coconut and pecan caramel icing. Covered with chocolate buttercream. 

  Our simply wonderful vanilla, chocolate, or marble cheesecakes. Fruit toppings are available.

Carrot Cake  
 Full of carrots, raisins, nuts, and spices. Ours is filled with and covered with a sweetened cream cheese, pecan frosting, and decorated with buttercream carrots. 

  Three lemon layers filled and covered with lemon buttercream.

Grand Marnier
 Grand Marnier flavored syrup is brushed on rich yellow layers. Filled and covered with grand mariner buttercream.

Raspberry Grand Marnier 
 Rich yellow cake filled with raspberry marmalade and grand marnier buttercream. Covered with grand marnier buttercream.

Italian Cream
 White cake flavored with vanilla on each layer with cream cheese, pecan, and coconut inside. Covered with cream cheese, pecan, and coconut.

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Double Chocolate 

  Three chocolate layers brushed with rum-flavored simple syrup. Filled and covered with chocolate buttercream.

Triple Chocolate 

  Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream inside and cover with buttercream. Covered with chocolate ganache.


Chocolate Mocha  

  Three chocolate layers that are flavored with coffee and rum syrup. Filled with coffee flavored buttercream.


Strawberry Chantilly 

  French vanilla genoise brushed with flavored syrup then filled with sliced fresh strawberries and sweetened whipped cream. Covered with whipped cream and accented with strawberries.


Raspberry Ganache  

  A rich chocolate cake filled with seedless raspberry marmalade and chocolate buttercream with rum. Covered with creamy chocolate ganache.


Chocolate Strawberry or Raspberry 

  Chocolate layers filled with strawberry or raspberry buttercream. Covered with chocolate buttercream and rum. 


Black Forest 

  Chocolate layers brushed with kirsch and cherry syrup filled with sweet cherries and whipped cream. Covered with whipped cream and decorated with chocolate shavings and cherries.  



  Three cake layers brushed lightly with coconut syrup and filled with a combinations of pastry cream and coconut. Covered with sweetened whipped cream and fresh coconut.


American Chocolate or Yellow 

  Our rich cake layers filled and covered with white or chocolate American icing.     


Vanilla European   

  White cake with vanilla icing. 

Cake Terminology

  • Genoise: traditional French cake. Light airy, and brushed with simple syrup.

  • European Buttercream: smooth, rich, and creamy icing made with butter and sweet meringue. Flavored with a small amount of liquor.

  • American Buttercream: made with marinade, shortening, and powdered sugar.

  • Ganache: rich chocolate confection made with semi sweet chocolate and whipped cream.

  • Sweet, unsalted butter, fresh eggs, 100% dairy cream.

  • No preservatives or stabilizers used.

Quality Ingredients

Cake Care

  • Buttercream cakes must be refrigerated and needs to be softened at room temperature before servings.

  • A piece of plastic wrap placed on the cut edge of the cake will protect the cake without damaging the decorations.

  • Cakes and pastries that include pastry cream or whipped cream must remain as cold as possible art all times.

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